‘Emergency Light Blanket’ Selected as One of the Top Five Inventions of 2004

OMAHA, NE and QUINCY, IL /Send2Press Newswire/ — “The Emergency Light Blanket” (ELB – invented by Pepper Aasgaard, ASAR Electronics, Inc., was selected as one of the Top Five Inventions of 2004 by Paul Niemann, Quincy, IL (syndicated columnist, contributing author for “Inventor’s Digest” and author of “Invention Mysteries”).

Photo Caption: MIC Awards: Robert Starr, Pepper Aasgaard (speechless).

The Emergency Light Blanket has multiple LED clusters centered on highly reflective arrows that illuminate in a cascading sequence that provides highly visible protection for motorists or emergency personnel. The reusable ELB installs and is visible in seconds, has a soft non-scratch velvet-like backing and magnetic holds for immediate protection.

Primary use of the ELB is for stranded motorist or accident situations. The driver or emergency attendant can simply fold out the blanket attach it to the vehicle, or wreckage and activate it in less than a minute. The ELB is visible for miles.

Currently the only protection a motorist has is the vehicle’s battery hungry four way flashers (seen only if the tail lights are clean and survived the accident). Truckers only have the notorious “unseen blow over” red triangles and the red flares that burn out quickly. The ELB can run for days on the vehicle’s electrical system.

The ELB can be used for multiple deployments in case of catastrophe providing fast traffic control by emergency personnel. The ELB is powered by the vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system or independently by a 9 volt battery. Commercial ELB’s include rechargeable power source for multiple rescue deployments.

The Emergency Light Blanket has received numerous honors this year including the MIC Grand Award, Two Gold Metals, and the Otto Schmitt Award. “The most awards ever presented to an individual inventor in our 48 year history!” said Robert Starr, Co-founder of the world’s oldest and largest inventor’s organization, the Minnesota Inventors Congress.

When asked by a local radio talk show host Kent Pavelka (KKAR 1290) “What one of your inventions do you feel is the most important?” Aasgaard responded: “The Emergency Light Blanket no doubt, it was designed to save lives.”

Charles Mueller, president of ASAR Group, Incorporated, announced that ASAR Electronics, Inc., will test market the ELB and establish distribution early 2005.

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