Leading Document Preparation Service Launches New Innovative Low Cost Expungement-by-Mail Service Seeking to Clear Criminal Records Nationwide

EAST ORANGE, NJ – May 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Clear Your Record! (A Document Preparation Service), established in 1994, and a unit of Speller Enterprises announced today the launching of a new “revamped” low-cost expungement by mail service for people who cannot afford to retain an expensive attorney to clear their records of criminal charges.

Through a new innovative method of clearing criminal charges off a person’s record without having to appear in court, citizens with histories of criminal convictions, and those that were acquitted or dismissed, can seek an expungement for only $350 for several charges, as long as the charges were all committed in the same county.

“Previously, the mail order service was limited to expunging a record for $500 per criminal charge,” said the African-American president of the company called ‘Clear Your Record!’; Sunni A. Salahuddin, a member of the Legal Technicians Association of America (LTAA), and past president of the California Association of Legal Technicians (CALT) provided a more affordable approach to using his mail order method to obtain an expungement.

“As president of Clear Your Record!, I have encountered a substantial increase in the number of people inquiring about an expungement. These people come from all walks of life and include many professional people who, due to youthful indiscretion or having made a bad decision, have a blemish on their record. Many parents have also expressed concern about whether their child’s brush with the law will affect that child’s future career path or hinder their entrance into college, graduate school, or the military academy. Untreated, a criminal record may have serious consequences on one’s career and livelihood,” Mr. Salahuddin concluded.

Clear Your Record! has a long history in helping people who can’t afford to retain the services of an attorney to prepare and file a petition for expunngement on their behalf. “We offer best-in-class petitions for expungement that are customized to fit the circumstances of your criminal case or cases,” says Salahuddin.

A petition for expungement is filed in the higher courts above the local, town, or municipal court in the state court for state convictions. The state superior, or supreme court of the petitioner’s state is where a petitioner has to file for such relief. For conviction of federal felonies, petitions follow federal rules and apply to the federal district court in the petitioner’s jurisdiction or where the offense was committed.

More information: Sunni A. Salahuddin, of Clear Your Record!, (973) 676-1404.

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