Innovative, Economical, Environmental Friendly System that Dramatically Increases Cash Flow from Wells by Pumping Oil, Water, and Gas More Efficiently than Current Systems

All companies that produce fluids and gases from the ground can benefit greatly in many areas

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — DynaPump, Inc. ( has announced the newest addition to its line of innovative pumping systems; the Natural Gas DynaPump Power Unit. It allows all producers of fluid from the ground to pump fluid more efficiently than with current systems. Thousands of oil and gas wells can be operated more efficiently and cost effectively by using the natural gas power unit instead of an electric unit freeing up electricity for other needs. The DynaPump natural gas power unit provides the best solution for producing the maximum flow at the lowest lifting cost. Replacing current lifting systems with this DynaPump solution could free up millions of Kilowatts of energy on the grid.

Photo Caption: The Natural Gas Power Unit does not require a power line and operates on casing gas or propane. High energy efficiency is created by combining the efficiency of the pumping unit with a better use of a natural gas engine.

The gas consumption of the DynaPump natural gas power unit is about 20% (5 to 1) of the consumption of a conventional beam pump with an engine and the DynaPump maintains all the sophistication of built-in controls, communications and feedback that the electrical unit has. This solution could turn the market from electrical units back to using gas engines on the wellhead, as the DynaPump solution is more economical in initial capital, and more economical in operating expenses, while freeing up a tremendous amount of power on the grid to be used in other ways.

The Power Unit is the control center that provides the ability to convert electrical energy to hydraulic power and to control pump stroke as needed to provide optimum pumping efficiency.

The Pumping System allows for independent control of the speed in both the up and down direction and allows for independent adjustment of the top and bottom stroke. The unit also has the ability to adjust its speed automatically to provide pump off control.

Oil operators such as ChevronTexaco, BP and Williams are currently using the natural gas power unit in over 50 wells to more efficiently pump oil, water, and gas resulting in increased cash flow with many environmental benefits.

Dan Johnson, government and public affairs manager for ChevronTexaco was quoted in The Four Corners Business Journal, August 2003, as saying “DynaPumps are sleek, low profile and quiet. From our point of view, we think they’re going to be more efficient. They’ll use less fuel; they use about 60% less fuel to pump, so they’re environmentally excellent. And they have a longer stroke, so they produce more water, and they have fewer strokes so they require less maintenance, yet they’re the same price (as traditional pumps), so how can you beat that?”

On August 11, 2004 ChevronTexaco was recognized by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for its installations of the DynaPump units in Durango, CO and was presented with the “Application of New Technology Award.”

About DynaPump, Inc.
The company is a rapidly growing Southern California-based designer and manufacturer of surface-mounted artificial lift systems. Incorporated in 1993, the Company manufactures and sells a revolutionary surface-mounted hydraulic pumping system that has dramatically impacted the petroleum industry. Designed and developed over the last 26 years, this proprietary lifting system consists of electronic sensors, hydraulic equipment, and computer control and monitoring.

While initially targeting the petroleum industry, the Company believes that its innovative technology has a diverse array of applications. It is DynaPump’s goal to become the world leader in surface-mounted, artificial lifting systems, and to realize its potential as a billion dollar company. Hundreds of DynaPumps in all models are currently in operation in seven states with over 20 oil operators including ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, ConocoPhillips, Marathon, Occidental Petroleum, Vintage, Williams, Apache and Berry.

For more information on the company’s products please visit or call (818) 407-7577.

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