Brokers of All Sorts Flock to eBay to Bid on (877) BROKERS Toll Free and Domain

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – August 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Holy Grail of toll free numbers for brokers – (877) BROKERS – is up for auction on eBay by seller Nader Anise. It is item # 7537987363. Experts believe this may be one of the highest selling toll free numbers ever auctioned on eBay. The domain name,, is also included as part of the package.

“You have all types of brokers – mortgage brokers, stockbrokers, business brokers, real estate brokers, diamond brokers, ticket brokers – all interested in this number. They can just tell their clients to call (877) BROKERS to reach them, or they can use it in their ad campaigns – and it’s virtually guaranteed to increase business. There is simply no other number for brokers that is as memorable,” said Nader Anise, current owner of the number.

With the auction ending on August 21st, most of the heavy bidding is about to begin. Already, the (877) BROKERS listing page on eBay has been viewed nearly 100 times. All interested parties should go to eBay as quickly as possible to enter their bid.

The interest in (877) BROKERS has not been limited to small one and two-person broker companies, either. Large national brokerage companies, as well as toll free “shared use” companies have also expressed interest.

Good toll free vanity numbers, i.e., numbers that spell words, can generate 200-300% more calls than non-vanity numbers, thus increasing profitability. However, it is nearly impossible to find good vanity numbers that aren’t already taken.

For more information on the (877) BROKERS number and domain package, look up item # 7537987363 on eBay.

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