Magnify OutLoud from Colligo Corporation Enables Easier Reading for Seniors

BELLINGHAM, WA – Oct. 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Magnify OutLoud(tm), from Colligo Corporation, overcomes the reticence of computer use by our seniors. The senior user is the fastest growing segment of the computer industry. However, over 25% of our seniors have either low vision problems in seeing the screen or reluctance to use assistive technology software to magnify the screen.

Magnify OutLoud overcomes that reluctance and enables the user to not only magnify the screen but also hear what the screen is displaying, – emails, websites and more.

Similarly, for our population that is print disabled because of dyslexia or literacy challenges, Magnify OutLoud is a solution that gives more accessibility to information. As more and more internet use and digital books or eBooks are available, Magnify OutLoud adds to the enjoyment of much of our population.

“The Computer – While some non-computer users are hesitant to take on this relatively new technology, seniors of all ages have also embraced it. The computer becomes a communication tool for emailing friends and family, a window to the world through reading on the Internet, a financial management and check writing aid. Databases and word processors have all become friendlier tools in common usage. While the standard size font and display may not be visible with low vision, there are a variety of methods to make the computer into a reading and writing aid for those with visual disabilities,” states The University of Toronto’s Vision Technology Service.

There is no software learning curve as Magnify OutLoud uses simple functions built into a keyboard, such as a sliding bar to zoom the text and keystrokes to hear the text.

This ease-of-use allows more access in more public areas, – schools, libraries and courts.

Colligo, a leading provider of assistive technology, provides other solutions, such as Scan N Talk, ReadText and BookCrafter Publishing Suite.

Further Information about Magnify Outloud or Colligo Corp. may be obtained by contacting Larry Tingley at, 888-647-3404 or visiting their web site at

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