Fear of Being Bedridden Forces Colorado Man to Invent New Balance Training Equipment

LONGMONT, CO (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — He was only 15 when Todd Langer experienced his first episode of crippling back pain. By 30 years of age, he had been diagnosed with four slipped discs, degenerative hips and SI joint dysfunction. He stared ahead at a life full of numbing back pain and disability. Therefore it’s with great satisfaction that Functional Innovations, LLC announced today Todd’s invention, which improves postural awareness and leads to a more active and productive lifestyle.

For a self proclaimed “fitness fanatic” being placed into the chronic pain demographic was a rude wake up call. Todd realized that his gym workouts were doing little to help the bouts of disabling back pain, which left him bedridden for days at a time.

Todd learned the hard way that most exercise regimens are designed to create an aesthetically pleasing physique, often at the expense of one’s health.

It was time to take control of his destiny. With his in-depth understanding of human biomechanics, Todd started to design and perfect his own functional balance training equipment which would simulate real-life movements.

Life is Dynamic

“Most balance and functional training equipment inhibits correct muscle activation,” says Todd. It trains “balance” in a passive or specific manner, thereby decreasing the carryover into active daily living.

Todd’s challenge was to create a “real” balance tool that both improved postural awareness and muscle coordination. He focused on keeping it easy and intuitive to use. “People can’t be intimidated by their equipment and need to use it on a regular basis to make progress,” says Todd.

His relentless pursuit of perfection finally bore fruit. His patent pending P.A.S.T.(TM) Collection comprises two “dynamic balance boards,” with a unique fixed center of axis, that encourage a true sense of balance and transfers to real-life productivity.

Weighing just over 5 lbs, the equipment is durable and compact, enabling users to train practically anywhere. The equipment allows for a wide range of workouts and comes with exercise cords and “dynamic push up handles.”

“Good balance and posture form a solid base on which you can build functional strength and live an active life,” says Todd, now the CEO and founding member of Functional Innovations, LLC, a Colorado-based company that designs and markets functional lifestyle equipment.

Research shows that improved muscle coordination can dramatically reduce the risk of repetitive overuse and traumatic injuries in active daily living, recreation, and sport-specific activities. We have testimonials pouring in from people across all walks of life,” says Todd.

For Todd, the greatest reward is his new active lifestyle, free from crippling pain and the daunting fear of disability. “I didn’t want my life to be a burden,” he says. For people across the world, he has now provided the inspiration and the means to safely challenge their physical constraints and win.


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