Armor CEO Attends Republican Workshops and Dinner

SOLANA BEACH, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Armor Electric Inc. (OTC BB: ARME) wishes to announce that the CEO of Armor Electric, Mr. Merrill W. Moses was invited to attend a Republican dinner with President Bush, Senators and Congressmen this past week in Washington, D.C. He also participated in the National Republican workshop forum on the Republican four part Energy Initiative which, in part, is a “brain trust” and “think tank” to develop loans and grants for new technology in the fields of alternative energy, hydrogen and ethanol fuels, hybrid electric systems, conservation and other energy saving technologies.

Due to these significant meetings, Mr. Moses developed a personal working relationship with these Senators and Congressmen who are currently directly involved in Congressional Sub Committee’s on Energy. His discussions were focused on the need to eliminate America’s addiction to fossil fuels, specifically our dependency on foreign oil. He explained the only way to do this is to encourage the technological advances being made by companies like “Armor Electric,” in three parts:

1) Electric propulsion systems i.e. Control units, electric motors and advances in batteries/energy storage.

2) To develop an alternative to the Japanese and German wave of “Hybrid Technology” by the development of small inexpensive micro “Electric Generators” producing significantly higher rates of electricity with just the fraction of fuel consumption compared to internal combustion motors.

3) Future development of Hydrogen extraction to fuel “onboard” these micro Electric Generators powering the cutting edge electric propulsion systems and thus having complete inexpensive transportation system in place.

By developing this “Cheap Transportation” and reducing our need for foreign oil, the resulting effect could be exceptional not only on our own economy, but the effect on the Global Geo-Political situation worldwide.

This understanding, of course, is of significant value to Armor Electric Power in developing government sponsored grants for the Armor’s “electric propulsion systems” and hybrid electric systems that Armor is currently engaged in.

Also of interest, the company has received a shipment of 30 mini motorcycle frames and bodies from Majestic Auto Ltd., a division of Hero Motors of India. The ‘Dirt Bike’ models are now being fitted with the “electric propulsion system” at the Las Vegas facility. After the installation and testing of these children’s electric cycles, they will be delivered to major retail outlet distributors for market analysis. It is anticipated substantial orders for these cycles should occur from these distributors in the USA markets for the Christmas sales season and for summer 2006.

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