Nature Lovers Take Flight With Java Juice(R): Single Serving Organic Coffee Extract

VENICE, CA – June 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Problem: No time to brew whole-bean coffee. Solution: just add hot or cold water to a half-ounce packet of Java Juice(R) for a cup of the freshest organic ‘on the go’ coffee available. On the trail, training for a race, or in the air, Java Juice(R), a 100% pure coffee extract has found its way from the Appalachian Trail to cycle shops, to farmers markets, to tackle boxes to culinary suppliers.

Unlike freeze-dried or de-hydrated instant coffees, Java Juice(R) is a fresh or ‘live’ product. Freshness is key.

A breakthrough in the world of coffee extracts, where the lower the ratio of water-to-extract, the greater amount of flavor and coffee taste retained. Java Juice(R) uses a ratio that guarantees a six-month shelf life, without preservatives. The specially designed, barrier packets keep out light and oxygen, which can degrade coffee taste.

“Until now, ‘just add water’ for coffeehouse-quality coffee did not exist,” Richard Karno, expert coffee roaster and Java Juice(R) developer explained. Java Juice(R) is sourced from fairly traded, shade-grown, certified organic coffee beans. It is kosher, anti-oxidant rich and additive-free. It contains no chemicals or preservatives, and, it’s made in the USA.

The extract comes in a nitrogen-flushed, one half-ounce packet that will not swell at altitude. With a PSI rating of 190 pounds, packets cannot be crushed, or break under pressure in suitcases or backpacks. Environmentally and economically sustainable, organic Java Juice(R) is as considered as green as is gets. Java Juice(R) acquired early adoption in camping communities when it was discovered that it met requirements for “Leave No Trace,” and lite-packers.

“It’s so easy,” said Venice Beach cyclist, Jon Wright. “It’s Already Brewed Coffee, all I had to do is rip it, drip it and sip it!” he said, demonstrating by pouring the contents into a full water bottle before peddling off to join his team.

The packets yield an 8-16 ounce cup of hot or iced coffee, depending on personal taste. With the caffeine equivalent to a double-shot of espresso, it is also used as a booster to already-brewed, weak coffee. Add it to pre-heated milk and create a latte for $1.20 as opposed to pricey coffeehouse espresso drinks.

The innovative extract is also revolutionizing the culinary world. For a hint of mocha or to amplify flavor in a recipe with chocolate, add a packet of Java Juice(R).

“It makes a perfect tiramisu,” said Karno. “Java Juice(R) also works great in savories such as marinades and BBQ sauces.”


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