First-Ever International Online Mahjong Community Tournament

SAN DIEGO, CA – Aug. 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MahjongTime is the largest online mahjong community; they have developed an innovative technology that provides them with the resources to host the first-ever, online, international tournament. On October 28th and 29th, mahjong players from all over the world will compete online for the world championship title.

MahjongTime will host the event which will consist of two popular mahjong game versions: Hong Kong and International Rules – also called “Chinese Official.”

“Mahjong is the world’s most played game,” William Sutjiadi, founder and CEO of MahjongTime said. “It has an estimated one billion players, worldwide, and a player base that is 10 times more than poker; it is also the 255th official sport in China.”

MahjongTime already has members from all over the world who compete on a daily basis. As a result, they have established world ranking via their sophisticated ranking and belt system.

“We plan to take our service to the next level by establishing an online, international league and hosting the first-ever, online world championship tournament,” Sutjiadi explained. “We are confident this will provide an estimated number of one billion mahjong players, world-wide, to compete in a unified manner.”

Traditional mahjong is played with four players, where the objective is to assemble a hand of certain combinations. At MahjongTime, players can play against other players 24 hours per day and no download of software is required. The unique technology makes interactive play easy and readily available.

Interested players can sign up for a free account where 20 game credits will automatically be issued. Players can then continue to compete in tournaments, create their own mini-tournaments, and win money and prizes.

In order to qualify for the international tournament, players simply play in rated games and tournaments and achieve a rating (or belt) based on the established rating system; small fees and promotional packages may apply. Players may also win cash and prizes in addition to qualifying for the world championship tournament.

“Our unique technology allows us to provide a secure, multi-player environment,” Sutjiadi added. “We are the first in the market to offer such a technology to our members.”

In addition, MahjongTime maintains schedules, distributes prizes, uses a ranking and rating system, and leaves the outcome of every game in the player’s hands.

When players log onto, they can learn about the game’s history, find out how to play, learn the rules for scoring, meet friends and have fun.

Tutorials and live-player services teach members how to play in addition to giving them access to news-related articles. There is also an online store where players can purchase items such as mahjong games, accessories, books and magazines.

“One interesting fact,” Sutjiadi said, “pertains to the name of the game. The Chinese interpretation is ‘clattering sparrow,’ ‘flax sparrow, or ‘hemp bird.’ The name may have been given due to the musical noise that the tiles make when mixed up, suggestive of the clatter of several sparrows squabbling over tossed food crumbs.”

Sutjiadi explains that his goal is to create a world-class mahjong league where players can interact, have fun and compete against people from all over the world from the privacy of their home.

“If people want to be part of mahjong history then they can join the first-ever online world mahjong championship in October,” Sutjiadi said, “and be part of a world-class league.”

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