Top Easy Ways to Reduce ‘Back-to-School’ Pressures for Parents

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Aug. 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Are you prepared for this school year? asks Performance Management & Logistics Associates. Well, if you are a parent, you had better think about how you are going to manage your family time this year. Many parents will become overwhelmed with the numerous activities of their children, and get a big dose of ‘Back-to-School’ blues. Parents are feeling even more pressure as school systems continue to shorten the summer breaks. Daryl & Estraletta Green, nationally syndicated columnists and parents of three active children, offer advice for overcoming the stresses of ‘Back-to-School’ pressures.

According to a study of all 14,300 public school districts by Marketing Data Retrieval, the percentage of school openings before September 1 rose from 51 percent in 1988 to 76 percent in 2000. Many individuals are searching for better methods to cope with these new changes. The question that many families battle with is, “How to balance work and family life?” Daryl and Estraletta Green, both members of Generation X, understand the dilemma that parents face. The Greens apply a logical approach gained from their engineering and management backgrounds to help individuals solve their time management problems. Estraletta explains, “We understand the stresses that occur during a new school year. Managing a family isn’t easy. There are so many priority issues. How do I survive telling my child ‘no’ to his activities?”

While life may be slowing down for some singles in this country, many parents operate at a hectic pace to pursue the American Dream at any cost. Parents are often driven by their children’s schedules. This leaves parents scrambling to accommodate the next activity, with little regard to the well-being of the overall family structure. Daryl clarifies, “I’m afraid we have become so obsessed with doing everything as parents. Yet, life is really about trade-offs, ‘living for today’ and ‘living for tomorrow.’ Parents need to regain this control for their families.” Daryl further explains that parents must exercise discretion in choosing your children’s activities. Parent should make sure that children’s activities do not destabilize the family relationships.

Below are helpful tips for parents with active children to ensure a successful school year:

    1. Planning. Develop a strategy for dealing with family issues beforehand.

    2. Priority. Determine your top five priorities for your family.

    3. Goals. Develop goals to support your family objectives.

    4. Family calendar. Establish a family calendar to better schedule events around your family.

    5. Communication. Set aside time to talk with your children.

    6. Parent Decisions. Learn to say “no” to your children.

    7. Family time. Set aside at least one hour a week with your family (quiet time).

    8. Children activities. Allow your children to pick one major activity for the semester.

    9. Commitment. Don’t over-commit yourself to anything.

    10. Mental time. Know when you are stressed and take action.

Managing a family can be a difficult task, especially during the early school year. However, with the proper amount of planning, parents and children can both enjoy a productive year. Use the new school year for building better family relationships. America depends on strong families because the home is the basic foundation for society. Therefore, strong families should properly balance work to help foster stronger communities. By adequately preparing activities and setting priorities, parents can minimize the pressures of a new school year.

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