Electronic Development Solutions Announces an Advancement in Sidewall Pinhole Detection for Formed Foils Used in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Food Packaging

TAMPA, Fla. – Oct. 10 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Electronic Development Solutions, Inc announces the latest version of its Alumivision pinhole detector line. The Alumivision MDA provides sidewall pinhole inspection of formed cavities and reduces material waste when compared to conventional systems.

Conventional pinhole detectors detect vertically directed light emerging through the material being inspected. As a consequence, pinholes that are at an angle from horizontal (e.g. sidewall pinholes) present a smaller area to the vertically directed light and require more sensitivity to detect. Increasing the pinhole sensitivity to detect the sidewall pinholes results in unnecessary rejection of acceptable size pinholes in flat (horizontal) foil areas. Note that all thin foils are expected to have some pinholes. It is only necessary to reject material with pinholes above a predetermined size for a given product. To do otherwise is a waste of material and money.

The Alumivision MDA utilizes a different technology to detect sidewall pinholes. Instead of only vertically directed light, it utilizes multi-directional light and an expanded detection area with a light containment design. The multi-directional light, as its name implies, penetrates the sidewall pinhole from multiple angles. The light emerging from the sidewall pinhole is correspondingly at multiple angles from vertical and requires a means to capture it from a wider area than is required for only vertically directed light.

The Alumivision MDA does that via the expanded detection area and light containment. Since the sidewall pinhole has light impinging from multiple angles, the full area of the sidewall pinhole is illuminated and the emerging light is proportional to the true size of the pinhole. The Alumivision MDA provides the benefit of cavity sidewall pinhole detection without the penalty of wasted material, time and money.

Electronic Development Solutions, Inc

Electronic Development Solutions, Inc manufactures microscopic pinhole inspection equipment for pharmaceutical, medical, food and other foil packaging industries. Further Information:

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