Earthjet Introduces Their New Air Taxi Jet

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Oct. 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Microjets or VLJ’s may be suitable for private pilot use, but a ubiquitous air taxi operation requires a different aircraft. Earthjet is guiding the development of a purpose-designed jet which will deliver safe, comfortable, reliable and affordable air taxi service.

Earthjet developed a market specification from extensive research, pilot interviews and customer survey data. The market specification informed an aircraft specification which has been the basis for the aircraft design. The purpose-designed air taxi jet will be certified and produced by world-class aerospace manufacturing companies, in collaboration with Earthjet. We have mitigated the risk associated with relying on a start-up aircraft manufacturer trying to enter a new aircraft into service, by working with established aerospace companies that have direct experience in passenger aircraft.

The inherent limitations of microjet/VLJ equipment has forced air taxi operator hopefuls into confined service areas, a cramped cabin, and expensive pricing even on a per-seat basis due to limited payload-range. This leaves a large market opportunity for the right aircraft which can deliver business jet service at dramatically lower prices.

The aircraft payload-range, durability, reliability, operating economics and cabin comfort far exceeds what any microjet/VLJ is advertised to deliver. Compared to the microjets, Cost per Available Seat Mile for this aircraft is approximately half, so Earthjet can offer airline type pricing which opens up the market to millions more passengers.

Our customers will enjoy stand-up cabin service in a real business jet. Earthjet service includes trips up to 1,000 miles even with all seats occupied and generous baggage capacity. The seat price is around half of the prices being quoted by microjet-based air taxi service providers. The payload-range capability of the aircraft enables Earthjet to service 70% of all U.S. domestic airline markets, and can effectively service thousands of origin-destination market pairs that have less than 25 passengers per day.

According to Joe Grimes, Earthjet COO: “One advantage to involving professional pilots in almost every aspect of the business from the beginning was our ability to verify our assumptions. It was surprising how strongly professional pilots felt regarding the new aircraft. They concurred with our recognition that meeting the aircraft performance, comfort, durability, and economic requirements was essential for profitable operations. Without the right aircraft, the business doesn’t make sense – and the microjets cannot meet the requirements for this business.”

The Earthjet aircraft pricing model has been corroborated with sub-tiered aircraft system suppliers. Suppliers embrace the idea that a smaller and lighter aircraft is not necessarily lower price – higher volume production enables economies of scale, supply chain efficiency and lower cost. Some aircraft system suppliers have indicated pricing levels at 1/10th the cost of the same system supplied at typical business jet production volumes. The air taxi plane can be larger and more capable, yet cost no more than the microjet/VLJ pricing levels advertised today.

About Earthjet

Earthjet Incorporated was established to bring airline affordability to business jet travel, and open up private jet travel to millions more passengers. Our motto is “Business jet service, at Airline prices.” By developing a network of highly qualified professional pilot-owners, our franchise offers safe, high quality and reliable service through a vast network. We believe Earthjet is the next evolutionary step in air travel, combining the comfort, convenience and speed of business jets with seat prices normally associated with the airlines.

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