MyHearPod Introduces an Amazingly Small Hearing Aid called HP Micro

CORNELIUS, N.C. – Nov. 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HearPod Hearing Aids president Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS, announced today the introduction of the HearPod Micro, which is one of the smallest completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids on the market and designed to be used for open fittings. Open fitting means the hearing aid allows venting for equalization of pressure inside the ear canal, thereby eliminating the annoying “barrel” sound so common with many hearing aids. The patient’s ears feel open.

Send2Press photowireWohlers says the HearPod Micro will be especially welcomed by those who suffer hearing loss, but may not have worn a hearing aid because they believed that the aids on the market were either too large or didn’t provide good sound quality. “The HearPod Micro has the best of both,” says Wohlers. “It is very small and discrete, hardly noticeable to a bystander, yet it provides the open-fitting sound quality that has previously only been available on behind the ear hearing aids.”

*(Photo Caption: HearPod Micro-Open Fitting.)

The HearPod Micro is the company’s third line of in the canal designed hearing aids. The other two lines are the HearPod I and HearPod II. The Micro is 20 percent smaller than HearPod’s next smallest model, the HearPod II CIC.

HearPod also offers one of the smallest behind the ear models called the HearPod III, which comes with or with out directional microphones. All Hearpods are one hundred percent digital and therefore provide state-of-the-art technology for the highest quality sound and the longest life.

Since it’s founding in 2005, HearPod has begun to revolutionize the hearing aid industry by offering high-quality low-cost hearing aids through its website Wohlers explains that previously those shopping for hearing aids had little choice.

“People either had to buy aids at a retail store where they’d most likely pay two or three thousand dollars per hearing aid, or they’d have to settle for a cheaper hearing aid of inferior quality. Our mission is to truly help people with hearing loss by providing them top quality one hundred percent digital hearing aids that would cost them thousands more if purchased at a retail location, with the level of service that surpasses most brick and mortar facilities,” said Wohlers.

At 56, Wohlers designed the HearPod line for fellow baby boomers many of whom are learning that the price to be paid for living a full-on active lifestyle is slowly progressing hearing loss.

“I call hearing loss the ‘silent thief,'” said Wohlers. “Its progression can be so subtle people hardly notice its effects. Then, slowly they realize they are asking others to repeat themselves or they are turning up the volume of the TV beyond normal.

“Typically, other people start to suggest the person should get a hearing aid, but they back away and go into denial,” said Wohlers. “They react like ‘What, me need a hearing aid?'”

Wohlers said he would have been tempted to do the same, except that he was an established professional in the hearing aid industry and knew when it was time for him to get a hearing aid.”

In designing the HearPod line, Wohlers brought to bear his 30 years of successful hearing industry experience and aims to provide the highest level of customer service and product quality at remarkably low prices. All HearPods are manufactured in the HearPod lab at 18636 Starcreek Drive, Suite E, Cornelius, North Carolina 28031 USA.

HearPod customers are encouraged to see their physician before purchasing to ensure they need a hearing aid and to get an audiogram which shows their individual degree of hearing loss. The audiogram values can be entered on the web order page, faxed toll free or emailed to HearPod so that the hearing aid can be programmed to correct the individual’s unique hearing loss.

The company provides a 45-day one hundred percent money-back guarantee and a one year warranty that covers the cost of any repairs and includes a year’s worth of free batteries and wax guards. Extended warranties are also available.

Wohlers said that when he founded HearPod in 2005 he set out to provide the type of quality and service he himself would want. He considers the popularity of the HearPod line a testament to his success. “At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people to hear better. More than anything, that’s what drives me.”

For more information on HearPod hearing aids, go to or call the company’s toll free customer care line 1-800-851-2414.

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