New HearPod Line of BTE Hearing Aids Adds Directional Mic with Open Fitting

The full-featured aid offers 100% digital technology and a slim discrete design

CORNELIUS, N.C. – Dec. 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HearPod Hearing Aids president Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS, today announced the introduction of HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting hearing aid. This behind the ear aid is designed to cater to the hearing industry’s hottest trends-directional microphones, open fitting and cosmetically discrete design. Directional microphones improve the wearer’s ability to understand speech by focusing correction on voices in front of the wearer while reducing noises from behind.

Open fitting means the hearing aid allows the equalization of pressure inside the ear canal, thereby eliminating the annoying “barrel” sound so common with many hearing aids.

The shell of the HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting is unique. Not only does its 100% digital technology allow for an extremely slim and compact design, the anatomically designed shell is molded of clear acrylic, which has the effect of making the aid appear even smaller. “It also means the aid is better able to blend with the user’s skin tone. Both features are key to the aids high level of cosmetic appeal,” said Wohlers.

The HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting is the company’s second behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid. The other BTE, HearPod III, offers the same features, but without directional microphones. HearPod’s other products-the HearPod I, HearPod II and HearPod Micro-are all in the canal or completely in the canal in design.

Since its founding last year, HearPod has begun to revolutionize the hearing aid industry by offering high-quality low-cost hearing aids through its website Wohlers explained that previously those people shopping for hearing aids had little choice.

“They either had to pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids through hearing centers, or settle for cheaper, low quality hearing aids. Our mission is to provide people with the combination of high quality and low price, plus convenient to-their-door service,” he said.

Nearly all HearPod hearing aids also offer the two state-of-the art features that shoppers expect from high-end hearing aids: Adaptive feedback control, which eliminates annoying “whistling” sound common with many hearing aids, and adaptive noise control, which automatically reduces background noise to make conversations clear.

Most HearPods are also designed with ultra-comfortable silicone pillow fitting tips that fit snugly, but comfortably in the ear canal.

HearPod customers are encouraged to see their physician before purchasing to ensure they need a hearing aid and to get an audiogram, which shows their individual degree of hearing loss. The audiogram can then be faxed toll free or emailed to HearPod so that the hearing aid can be programmed to correct the individual’s unique hearing loss.

The company provides a 45-day one hundred percent money-back guarantee and a one year warranty that covers the cost of any repairs and includes a year’s worth of free batteries and wax guards. Extended warranties are also available.

Wohlers says HearPods are intended for a growing market-baby boomers. He points to statistics that show an increasing number of baby boomers are beginning to suffer hearing loss, thanks in part to the “loud, noisy world we live in.”

“No other generation has grown up with so many industrial and environmental noises,” said Wohlers. “From worksite machinery to gas powered lawn mowers, trimmers and saws, we just live in a noisy world.”

Research has shown that in addition to the impact of individual genetics, hearing loss can be attributed to long-term exposure to sounds greater than 85 decibels (the level of a gas-powered lawn mower), or even to short-term exposure to extremely loud sounds, such as gun fire or explosive blasts.

Wohlers points to studies performed by the National Institutes of Health that say among those people with hearing loss who could benefit from a hearing aid, less than one third currently wear aids.

But producing and marketing hearing aids is more than a business to Wohlers. As a person who wears hearing aids himself, he said he knows what difference hearing aids can make in a person’s life.

“A person just misses so much when they have hearing loss. But they don’t realize it. They just try to cope, do the best they can, not realizing that hearing is critical to having a full, happy productive life,” said Wohlers.

He adds that hearing impacts a person’s relationships, their ability to earn a living, even their safety when walking or driving a car.

“I guess you could say I am on a mission. Hearing aids have made such a big difference in my life that I want to help other people to hear better too,” he said.

For more information on HearPod hearing aids, go to or call the company’s toll free customer care line 1-800-851-2414.

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