Fight Diabetes! Exercise on the LifeSpan TR2000 Treadmill with Decline Feature

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Feb. 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The View recently featured the award-winning LifeSpan TR2000 treadmill, from PCE Health and Fitness, for its unique downhill walking feature. Not only is downhill walking excellent for cardiovascular fitness, it also provides health benefits that help reduce the risks and effects associated with diabetes.

(c) Send2PressA study presented to the American Heart Association concluded that downhill walking significantly improved the body’s ability to process sugar in the blood, while walking uphill did not produce the same result. Dr. Heinz Drexel conducted the study with 45 sedentary but healthy people in the Austrian mountains. For two months participants hiked either uphill or downhill everyday then switched directions for the next two months. Hiking in either direction had positive effects on cholesterol, but only downhill hiking lowered blood glucose levels – critical in managing diabetes.

Most treadmills accommodate uphill walking, while downhill walking has generally been restricted to hiking outdoors or walking down stairs. The LifeSpan TR2000 is the first affordable home-use treadmill with both an incline and decline feature, priced over $1000 less than other treadmills with a decline feature!

The top rated TR2000 provides the quality and features consumers want, as recognized in the February issue of a leading consumer products testing magazine. The premier treadmill review rated the TR2000 very good in multiple areas, including quality and ease-of-use. It also selected the TR2000 as a quick pick for its unique small-space design.

Strongly linked to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes has tripled in the last 30 years and now accounts for over 90% of all diabetes cases. The American Diabetes Association reports Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented through modest lifestyle changes, including regular physical activity. Exercise helps lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, improve blood circulation and keep joints flexible.

In a major study with the CDC, the Diabetes Prevention Program found that 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity, coupled with a 5-7% reduction in body weight, produced a 58% reduction in the risk of developing diabetes.

Whether you’re an avid exerciser or just beginning, having the ability to walk downhill is a plus. “Walking downhill may be a starting mode for sedentary people to begin with exercise,” says Dr. Drexel. The LifeSpan TR2000 is an excellent solution.

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