SERVICES Offers New Way for Students to Study for Biology and Chemistry Regents Exams

NEW YORK, N.Y. – May 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s that time of year again! The time where almost every high school student in New York is stressing about Regents Exams. Administered statewide, Regents Exams assess student aptitude on a variety of subjects, and passing is a requirement for students to receive a Regents diploma. While meeting basic standards may be the basic goal for many, most students seek to exceed minimal expectations, as Regents Exam scores are included on high school transcripts and are taken into account for college admission.

(c) Send2PressNow, for the first time, an innovative, multimedia course to prepare for the Regents Exams is being offered by At teachers, parents and students are finding a powerful multimedia website that enables students to meet and exceed expectations.’s unique Video Courses are constructed using hundreds of streaming interactive videos of enthusiastic and charismatic teachers, who lead students through the core curricula. courses are designed to individualize teaching of the Regents curricula in the manner students today want to learn – on the Internet, with video, at the pace they choose, when they choose.

“Kids are spending more and more time on the computer. This generation of high school students is inclined to learn more by interactive media than any generation before. I felt that a website offering an interactive style of learning, with a design based on the way students actually learn today, would not only enhance their comprehension, but also their willingness to learn,” explains Steve Vine, CEO of

“I’m most excited about the unique Video Answers,” notes Randy Appell, Biology and Chemistry Teacher. Video Answers are short videos for every question that is in’s interactive library of past exams. “When I work with a student live, a lot of my time is spent working through the right and wrong answers from questions on past exams. Now students can get that same experience online, anytime of day.”

Not only are the courses unique and innovative, but they are also affordable. Costing less than most tutors charge for a 1 hour session,’s subscriptions offer unlimited access for prices ranging from $17.99 a month for one biology unit to $39.00 a month for the Comprehensive Subject plan.

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