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CORNELIUS, N.C. – May 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — So what’s so different about HearPod, than any other hearing aid out there? To the average person looking at all the hearing aid ads not much. To an astute person who understands technology, there is a huge difference.

(c) Send2PressLook at all the hearing aids offered and you will see all of them are priced according to the technology they provide. You will find the very best technology costing from $2000 to $3500 no matter where you go.

This is where the savvy company changes things. They are offering the highest levels of Technology like their World Class 32 channel instrument that rivals high tech products at an unheard of price. HearPods start at $495.00 and the most expensive 32 channel open fitting directional hearing aid is $995.00. That includes a one year warranty and one year supply of batteries.

The people at HearPod believe they can do this. Turn the tables so to speak, offering the highest levels of technology in uniquely patented pending designs. Because of their High Technology low cost approach, they believe millions who need hearing aids will now get the help they need.

Randy Wohlers Pres. of HearPod Inc. said “I had to find a way to help the millions out there with a product that they would love to wear every day, and get instant true benefit at a price that anyone could afford. We have done that, and when people understand that HearPod technology is as good if not better when compared to expensive products sold, it will happen. HearPod will change the lives of millions, one patient at a time.”

There have been many attempts to get the approximately 80% of the 30-plus million people in the U.S. who could benefit from a hearing aid to get help with their hearing. Most attempts haven’t done much to promote hearing aid sales, in fact, if you look at how many Americans purchased hearing aids last year and how many new patients that needed a hearing aid, the hearing aid industry is going backwards at an alarming rate.

“We hope we can get our message and product out there. HearPods have the power to change lives.”

For information on HearPod hearing aids, go to or call the company’s toll-free customer care line 1-800-851-2414.

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