HearPod, Inc. Provides Baby Boomers with Quality Hearing Aid Options

CORNELIUS, N.C. – June 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Communication is the foundation for an incredible life at work, with friends, and especially at home. That’s why so many baby boomers are turning to HearPod 32X to power up their hearing. Baby boomers have a reputation for expecting the best and many will not settle for less. However, cost can sometimes interfere when purchasing a quality hearing aid.

(c) Send2Press“Our 32-channel, 100 percent, digital HearPods are as good, if not better than, the most expensive hearing aids available,” Randy Wohlers, President of HearPod, Inc. said. “And, we can offer a savings of two thirds the average cost.”

Many quality hearing aids range in price from $4,000 to $8,000 per pair, but Hearpod’s 32X digital HearPods start at $595; the most expensive, directional open fitting is $995.

According to Wohlers there is no other technologically advanced, quality product being offered on the market at such a competitive price.

“We use the highest level of digital technology available. It’s priced right and accompanied by great service,” Wohlers explained. “Baby boomers want the best, in a timely manner, and at a fair price; we have done that for them. The word is out that our digital technology is tops for hearing loss.”

Wohlers is a baby boomer and personally understands this target market. He knows that this group would not consider getting a hearing aid that was inferior simply because it cost less.

While many baby boomers can afford the higher prices, replacing them every few years can become a financial challenge; people may sacrifice hearing for money and may not seriously pursue buying a quality hearing aid.

HearPod has changed the playing field and baby boomers are discovering that hearing does not have to be sacrificed because of money.

“This is the third set of hearing aids I’ve had and they’ve easily been the best,” one happy New York customer said. “I started out with custom fitted and programmed units through a local dispenser for $3,000. They didn’t last and I decided to try some cheaper ones found on the Internet; they fell apart. The quality of HearPod’s hearing aids is better than the ones I purchased for $3,000. They were custom programmed and every bit as comfortable.”

HearPod’s customer service is also a cut above the rest. It makes patients stand up and say “great job” because they receive this service in the comfort of their home.

HearPod provides quick and efficient customer service through a 24/7 Customer Care Line: 800 851-5128, and e-mail service. They often surprise their customers by how quickly they respond to questions and needs.

“HearPods are not for everyone,” Wohlers said. “The ideal customer is computer savvy and able to understand easy, online directions. We provide online videos and owners’ manuals to teach our customers how to clean and care for their HearPods. We encourage independence and want to see our customers happy.”

Another customer from Tennessee explains that HearPods have made a tremendous difference in his work and personal life. Not only did he feel that the product was superior, but that the service went beyond the call of duty.

“HearPod’s due diligence to ensure that I had the proper accessories to make the product work was impressive,” he said. “Their service is second to none.”

So, how simple is it to purchase a HearPod? Customers first send in their physician’s hearing-test results and a prescription is fit. It is then delivered to the customer’s home within less than a week and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

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