Smart Dieters Incorporate Butter Flavor CapTri(R) to Lose Fat, Sustain Energy

There’s no need to sacrifice muscle and energy in order to lose weight

FAIRFIELD, Ohio – July 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Parrillo Performance, producer of nutritional products used by champion bodybuilders, strength and endurance athletes worldwide, announces the release of Butter Flavor CapTri(R) MCT oil. The company has carried CapTri(R) MCT oil, a healthy alternative to foods high in fats, for many years and is excited to be adding a new butter flavor to their CapTri(R) line.

Butter Flavor CapTri MCT OilThere are a variety of culinary uses for Butter Flavor CapTri(R), ranging from breakfast to dinner, and even snacks. Jazz up steamed vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, corn, and green beans by drizzling with Butter Flavor CapTri(R). Butter Flavor CapTri(R) works great in place of butter on potatoes, seafood, and any recipe calling for melted butter, and allows dieters all of the buttery taste without resorting to butter.

Butter Flavor CapTri(R) can serve as a delicious alternative for a snack dieters crave but know they should avoid like that hard-to-resist butter drenched movie popcorn. For a person watching their diet, splashing butter flavored MCT oil over popcorn becomes a guilt-free way to enjoy a quick snack.

Serious athletes aren’t the only ones benefiting from CapTri(R) MCT oil. Anyone looking to lose fat while retaining muscle can use CapTri(R) to help in meeting their dietary goals. CapTri(R) acts effectively as fuel for dieters by sustaining energy levels when lowering carbs. A healthy fat like CapTri(R) can be helpful towards weight loss because it leads to a feeling of fullness and reduces food cravings, without being stored as body fat.

For dieters working to eat healthier, Butter Flavor CapTri(R) can be used as a great-tasting substitute for butter. While most MCT oils have little or no taste, Parrillo Performance has worked to create a unique and flavorful MCT oil that can take the place of butter. This is big news for dieters having a hard time giving up their old favorites like butter. By keeping Butter Flavor CapTri(R) on hand, they can quench their cravings for butter and keep well on track with their diet plans.

John ParrilloCapTri(R) MCT oil has a different molecular structure than regular fats, such as long chain triglycerides (LCTs). LCTs are made of long chain fatty acids, 16-22 carbon atoms in length, whereas MCTs are made of medium chain fatty acids, 6-12 carbon atoms in length. This unique molecular structure causes CapTri(R) to be immediately burned for energy instead of being stored as body fat. LCTs must go through an elaborate digestive process before being metabolized in the body for energy.

*(Photo Caption: John Parrillo, owner of Parrillo Performance.)

However, CapTri(R) does not have such an elaborate course; it’s absorbed through the small intestine and transported via the portal vein directly to the liver. Because of the rapid digestive process of CapTri(R), very little, if any, is left to be stored as body fat.

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