How to Find the Perfect Tutor: A New Partnership Puts Parents and Students at Ease

PORT HUENEME, Calif. and PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Nov. 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tutorz’ vertical search engine and Crown Tutoring in-home tutoring services partner to “feed the tutoring needs” of students nationwide. Crown Tutoring will provide discount in home tutoring services using referrals from Tutorz’ unique search engine technology.

Tutorz and Crown Tutoring are focused on providing better education; this is a realistic vision and it becomes clearer in the event of their partnership. The partnership plans to combine historically successful “brick and mortar” tutoring services with a state-of-the-art vertical search engine. Crown Tutoring brings great value to Tutorz’ vertical search; maintaining a mission of affordable, convenient, and professional services it has earned a prominent reputation on the east coast. Tutorz’ online educational referral services aim to expand the reach of Crown Tutoring across the nation.

Tutorz, founded in July of 2006 by Dirk Wagner, has grown rapidly in 2007 and now boasts a list of over 14,000 tutors nationwide. The founder, a former tutor, developed the company during a HiTech OCTANe computing project of the University of California at Irvine. Dirk Wagner states Tutorz’ mission “To match the student’s needs with the perfect tutor in a simple and affordable fashion.”

Crown Tutoring, established in 2005 by Alex Fisher provides affordable in home tutoring services for all subjects and grade levels. Crown Tutoring offers a wide-range of tutoring programs and test preparation in Philadelphia, South Jersey and many other cities in the US. Alex Fisher, is a former tutor and current medical student in South Jersey who balances school and successful management of Crown Tutoring. He states: “We provide certified teachers at discount prices for families of all economic status.”

Tutorz’ vertical search engine helps students and parents freely and easily network to find a tutor over the Internet. The search engine maintains a simple and clean construction. Site users looking for homework help, test preparation, and other tutor help have the option to search by keyword or subject (dyslexia, Ph.D., SAT) and area (Philadelphia, Boston, San Diego). The search engine currently lists over 14,000 tutor profiles nationwide, a number that is expanding daily. Tutoring information is compiled into easy to read tutor profiles that include certifications, credentials, references and peer reviews. Relevance ranking and filters empower students to quickly hone in to the perfect tutor. Tutors listed in the Tutorz’ directory cover elementary subjects and academic studies including math, English, business, and many more.

Crown Tutoring has provided an added value to Tutorz’ vertical search engine with professional, affordable, and convenient tutoring services. Crown Tutoring can provide tutoring in any city in the US through its network of teachers. Crown Tutoring provides one-on-one in home tutoring services employing only certified teachers. Tutoring happens on the client’s own time without any long term contracts. Crown Tutoring provides services in all math, reading, biology, chemistry, physics, special education, and college level courses. The company also specializes in test preparation such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and more. Tutors tailor programs to the individual needs of each child or student. The company provides a free $200 value in home assessment for all potential clients. Additionally, Crown Tutoring believes in serving the community by working with a local Philadelphia foster care agency.

Tutorz and Crown Tutoring partnership aims to expand each others’ companies reach across the nation continuing to provide professional and affordable tutoring services. Utilizing the values and technology that each company offers provides a convenient opportunity to locate a professional tutor.

About Tutorz
Founded in July of 2006 by Dirk Wagner, Sameer Saproo, and Erik Olsson, is a vertical search engine helping parents and students find educational tutors. Currently Tutorz is based out of Port Hueneme and is a privately owned limited liability corporation (LLC) with four employees. The site provides listings of over 14,000 tutors nationwide.

About Crown Tutoring
Established in 2005 by Alex Fisher provides affordable in home tutoring services for all subjects and grade levels. Crown Tutoring offers a wide-range of tutoring programs and test preparation in Philadelphia, South Jersey and many other cities in the US.

For additional information on the Tutorz and Crown Tutoring partnership, contact Bryan McNutt via email at bryan@tutorz(.com) or Alex Fisher at admin@crowntutoring(.com).

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