Ron Paul Style Politician, Craig X Rubin, Running for Mayor of Los Angeles Gives Press Conference

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Craig X Rubin held a press conference at the Los Angeles Press Club Monday evening, September 29th 2008, to announce his plans as the next Mayor of the City of Los Angeles. In the next election he detailed how he planned to go after the current Mayor at his base. Despite being a “white boy” from the Westside, Candidate Rubin is a fluent Spanish speaker, who even ad-libbed some Spanish in a guest appearance he made on Showtime’s hit series “Weeds” starring Kevin Nealon and Mary-Louis Parker. To go after the mayor’s base he plans to campaign in Spanish at Spanish speaking churches with a message of “English First.”

Mr. Rubin not only has worked as an actor and stand-up comedian, but is currently working as a Pastor and Bible teacher at the Family Church in Pasadena; so handling reporters for 90 minutes was not only informative, but refreshingly light-hearted at the same time. Often politics are dry and boring, but with this candidate the time seemed to fly by as he was able to describe complex issues in simple humorous terms. The questions ranged from his stance on gay marriage to the federal bail out bill that was just defeated in the House of Representatives.

The candidate said as a Pastor and a believer in the Bible that he was not going to be performing any homosexual marriages, unlike Los Angeles’ current mayor who presided over the first gay marriage in the City of Angels, but that as an American citizen candidate Rubin thought “Civil unions are a great way to make sure no American citizen is discriminated against for their beliefs…even if they don’t share my belief in the Bible.”

There were a lot of nuanced and well thought out answers to tough questions. All told with a humor and lightness Rubin put the audience at ease to the message he was delivering. When it came to the bail out of Wall Street, Rubin said, “As the Mayor of Los Angeles I am not sure that it will be in my jurisdiction, but as an American I hate it, it stinks and I wrote my Congressman Brad Sherman and asked him to vote ‘no’ and he did.” He then added with a smile and a Jewish tone, “Not that my email changed his mind, but I did what I thought I could to express my point of view.”

Reporter Steve Bloom, former “High Times” editor, and founder of, then asked about Governor’s Schwarzenegger’s recent revelation about having smoked pot with Tommy Chong to reporters. “I was glad to hear that…because I’ve smoked with Tommy Chong too.” Then he quipped, “That might be the only thing that gets me on the news. Is that what you are going to write about?”

After stating how he planned to protect medical marijuana clubs by regulating, taxing, and protecting them from federal prosecution. Rubin took the questioning from Steve Bloom as a chance to speak about his ideas for ending federal involvement with the City on many levels. For example, regarding the “Consent Decree” currently over the LAPD, Rubin stated, “I think the federal government needs to go on a diet, save some money and stop trying to create a national police force. Our officers need to be able to do the job they were hired to do, protect our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Rubin has set up a web site at and hopes to follow in the foot steps of Barack Obama and his hero Ron Paul and become an Internet money raising sensation. He has a long way to go to catch up with the current Mayor of Los Angeles who has over one million dollars in campaign funds, but is quick to point out that previous mayor also had that much money at this point in the race and lost. The primary election is in March of 2009 and the final election of this non-partisan race is in May 2009.

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