Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Discuss The New World Order and How 9/11 Was a Government Inside Job on Nationally Syndicated Alex Jones Show

AUSTIN, Texas (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Reality TV celebs Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag spoke to broadcaster Alex Jones on his nationally syndicated radio/TV show, “The Alex Jones Show,” about how Alex’s video documentaries had awakened them to alleged government-sponsored terrorism, microchips, and the New World Order.

Pratt and Montag poured over Jones’ prolific work, waking up to the charade of a two party system and other claimed deceptions being perpetrated on the American public. They were particularly impressed with Alex Jones’ films “Endgame” and “TerrorStorm” that outline the global elitists’ plan for total domination and a global police state.

Last week, a Twitter frenzy between Heidi Montag and Miley Cyrus erupted – the two discussed infowars in an attempt on Montag’s part to wake Cyrus. Miley expressed her lack of knowledge on the subject but had genuine curiosity about Alex Jones and The ‘Tweet’ instantly went viral, grabbing the attention of Alex Jones who immediately invited the couple onto his show.

On the The Alex Jones Show, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag acknowledged the vital information Jones circulates and admitted their new obsession with

“I don’t even listen to the mainstream media anymore. I go on almost every day now!” – Heidi Montag.

Alex Jones addressed the use of celebrity to convey his message by stating, “When it comes to waking up the media saturated public, we will use any tool available. Luckily the truth speaks for itself and celebrities infected by it have no choice but to join us.”

After talking to the young couple, it became obvious that previous media attention they had garnered and slanderous campaigns directed their way were merely part of an agenda to keep America focused on trivial celebrity factoids instead of real stories about our government’s tyrannical actions at home and abroad.

“How are we so famous when the Climate Bill [HR 2454] isn’t even a trendy topic on Twitter?” asks the perplexed Pratt. “The only thing people should pay attention to is We’re sorry we distracted you America – these other issues are way more important.”

In a final note at the end of the show, Pratt and Montag exclaimed “Death to the New World Order!” along with Alex. Pratt and Montag both promised to be good soldiers in the infowar.

Alex Jones is a nationally syndicated broadcaster and documentary filmmaker whose critically acclaimed documentaries include such titles as, “The Obama Deception,” “Endgame,” “TerrorStorm,” and “Martial Law.” An alternative media icon, he is frequently cited to be the leader of the September 11th Truth Movement.

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