Announcing Wine Swirl, the Most Effective Patented Wine Aerator, Dramatically Improves Wine in Minutes

wine aerater vortexPORTLAND, Ore. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Wine Swirl LLC announces release of the most effective patented method of wine aeration. Wine Swirl® provides breakthrough results to wine lovers through its innovative aeration method. Unlike wine aerators that use a single pour through a funnel, Wine Swirl’s sustained aeration method is truly transformative and improves all red wine regardless of cost. More efficient than decanting, Wine Swirl aerates red wine in minutes.

“Allowing a red wine to aerate or ‘breathe’ smoothes and opens the wine, enhancing its aroma and improving taste regardless of price,” says Roger Hall, company president and inventor of Wine Swirl. Aeration has long been important to red wine lovers.

“Wine Swirl is the best, most effective aeration device on the market,” commented wine columnist and reviewer Roger Rutan. “The results are phenomenal.” In multiple blind tastings, over 95 percent of testers preferred wine aerated with the Wine Swirl compared to unaerated wine from the same bottle.

Wine Swirl works by creating an aerating vortex, increasing the surface area of wine exposed to air. This produces a more controlled and effective method of aeration than pouring wine through a funnel, swirling in a glass, or decanting. See Wine Swirl in action at .

Wine Swirl is available for purchase at or by calling 1-888-400-7955. The Wine Swirl package, which includes carafe, is $149.95.

Hall describes, “After swirling wine in a glass, I wondered how I could safely accelerate this process to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of red wine.”

“What makes Wine Swirl different than competing products is its completely innovative, more effective aeration method. It’s natural, it’s fun and it works. Our customers tell us repeatedly how much more they enjoy their red wine using Wine Swirl.”

About Wine Swirl, LLC

The company is the brainchild of Roger Hall MD, wine lover and inventor of Wine Swirl.

For more information on the product, or to order online, visit or call 1-888-400-7955.

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