Press Release: California Surgeon is the First to Offer Transumbilical Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants

Jacob Haiavy, MD of Inland Cosmetic Surgery

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Jun 14, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Jacob Haiavy, MD of Inland Cosmetic Surgery has made history by performing transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) with silicone gel-filled implants. Dr. Haiavy is only the third surgeon to ever place silicone implants through the discreet incision in the navel.

It was previously believed that only unfilled saline breast implants could be placed through the small incision in the umbilicus, with the saline filling being added through a tube after placement. Silicone gel-filled implants, on the other hand, are pre-filled, and were thus thought to require a larger incision than is possible through the transumbilical plane. This left patients desiring the natural, lightweight feel of silicone breast implants with prominent incisions on or near the breasts.

The addition of the transumbilical incision option for silicone gel-filled implants is a significant milestone in the history of breast augmentation; since attaining FDA approval in 2006, silicone implants have become the preferred implant of hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation patients every year. Not only is the small TUBA belly button incision inconspicuous compared with incisions around the breasts, but Dr. Haiavy believes this technique also facilitates an easier recovery compared with traditional augmentation methods.

"A 'scarless' transumbilical approach appeals to so many patients, but many were torn between this preferred incision option and their desire for the wonderful feel of silicone implants. I am delighted to report patients can now have the best of both worlds," explains Dr. Haiavy.

Transumbilical silicone breast augmentation (TUSBA) is performed along the body's natural planes.

After over 20 years of experience with TUBA using saline implants, Dr. Haiavy collaborated with colleague Gabriel H. Patino, MD to develop the technique for placing silicone implants. He has dubbed the technique for placing silicone implants through a transumbilical incision "TUSBA," which stands for "Transumbilical Silicone Breast Augmentation."

Like TUBA, the TUSBA surgery is performed using blunt instruments to create a tunnel from the incision in the belly button to the breast. Through this tunnel, a pocket is created under the chest muscle, the breast pocket is expanded, and then the work is carefully inspected using an endoscopic camera.

Finally, the silicone gel implants are placed using the Keller Funnel(r) No-Touch(tm) technique, in which the implant is transferred directly from its sterile packaging using a hydrated plastic funnel, which is much like a piping bag used for frosting a cake. The Keller Funnel(r) allows the implant to be placed gently, with excellent precision and zero direct handling by the surgeon, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

While patients will experience a similar soreness in the breasts as they do after other breast augmentation techniques, there is minimal discomfort in the abdomen, Dr. Haiavy explains. He prescribes routine recovery measures, but finds that patients have an easier recovery overall after TUBA versus other augmentation methods.

There is one caveat to the technique: Dr. Haiavy limits TUSBA patients to a maximum breast implant volume of about 400 cc, or an increase of roughly two cup sizes. Still, he says, this is a substantial enough increase that many patients will be able to reach their desired outcome with TUSBA.

"Good candidates for TUSBA breast augmentation include non-smokers in good health who want the natural feel of silicone breast implants without visible scarring. It would also be an excellent choice for those who want to replace lost breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss. I am confident I can achieve an excellent outcome for patients requiring silicone implants of 400 cc or less."

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