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You can subscribe to RSS feeds (“real simple syndication”) of our client press releases based on tags, keywords, categories, companies, and our main news feed (all news). All feeds are full text RSS 2.0 format, compatible with all newsreaders, and most modern Web browsers with built-in news feed subscription capabilites.


All Send2Press feeds have fully supported https for text and images since Dec. 1, 2014.

Main RSS Feeds for Send2Press Newswire:

Main feed (with inline images/media):

“Clean” feed (without inline images/media; single image as enclosure):

“Clean” feed with Image (with single inline image, top of story; single image as enclosure):

News by Industry (Examples):

Business News (all):

Finance News (all):

Entertainment News (all):

Health and Medical News (all):

Charity/Non-Profit News (all):

Technology News (all):

News by Locale (Examples):

California News (all):

Florida News (all):

New York News (all):

Texas News (all):

Terms of Use for Feeds:
Important note for aggregators: you may not “pull” or “ping” our feeds more frequently than once per hour, without prior approval. Abuse of our system will result in aggressive I.P. blocking and reports to your ISP for abuse, as necessary. Please act responsibly. 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTICE: when you subscribe to an RSS feed in your news-reader, iPad or iPhone app, and/or Web browser, the feeds are managed in YOUR software, NOT by us or our system. Any changes you wish to make, such as no longer receiving the feed, must be completely managed in YOUR software, and not by us. Our feeds are like a radio broadcast, which you tune in to, not being “pushed” by us to your system.

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