Press Release: Revolutionary Restroom Organizer Protects Purses and Phones at Stalls and Urinals


ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sep 22, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Increased awareness of germs and bacteria has changed our behavior regarding contact and hygiene. These changes are notable regarding the use of commercial restrooms, which 60% of Americans visit at least once a week. One of the top complaints of shared restrooms is the risk of subjecting one's personal belongings to germs, damage, and theft. This means every day, millions of people are entering a vulnerable space without convenient protection for their phones, purses, and other personal belongings. StallStash, a restroom partition shelf, improves the safety and comfort of restroom visits by keeping belongings clean, close, and safe.

"Today, 42% of us are more concerned about using a public restroom than we were 18 months ago," says Robert Kodner, president of StallStash. "In addition to sanitary issues, we know that the average cost of a cell phone is $580, and a typical purse contains $720 worth of items."

Kodner continues, "For many of us, using a public restroom is a 'necessary evil.' By offering a solution that allows restroom visitors to keep their belongings safe and clean, we are able to improve the restroom experience for everyone. As an added benefit, 64% of us will frequent a business based on the fact it has clean restrooms."

StallStash units attach easily to all standard restroom partitions (without tools or hardware), and are made of 100% plexiglass. StallStash units are engineered to protect cell phones, purses, laptops, wallets, backpacks, and briefcases.

Fran Kaiser, a property manager at Century Management in California, says, "When one of our tenants asked us to find a way to help keep purses, phones, and files off the bathroom floor, we knew just the standard hooks would not do. I searched high and low and nothing would fit their needs until we found StallStash. I now use them in our restrooms. They have held up to the usage, and we could not be happier with the product."

StallStash is designed for all public and commercial restrooms. StallStash clients include medical facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings, shopping centers, event spaces, schools, fitness centers, stadiums, venues, transportation terminals, places of worship, and popular attractions.

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Image caption: StallStash units attach easily to all standard restroom partitions (without tools or hardware), and are made of 100% plexiglass.

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